Volunteers at Drews Pond Wood in Devizes are delighted with the amount raised towards rebuilding a streamside walk.

The wood was battered by storms last month and 17 trees were blown down, leaving access dangerous.

The area is still cordoned off while trees are made safe. The volunteer group running the wood estimates work to rebuild the walk will cost about £4,000.

Sunday was a donation day at the wood, in which about 30 visitors gave an impressive £760 in total. With other money collected, the total has topped £1,000.

Volunteers leader Stuart Hislop said: “People who visited us on Sunday said they they love what we do and the hard work we put in and this was an opportunity for them to show their appreciation.”

Donation cheques should be payable to Drews Pond Wood Project and posted to 25 Sarum Drive.

Alternatively, potential supporters can contact Mr Hislop on 07853 299074.