Students in Malmesbury have spent the last fortnight singing, selling and sharing to raise awareness of Fairtrade Fortnight.

Pupils at Malmesbury School have held numerous events in the past two weeks, such as selling Fairtrade chocolate and roses and by staging at Malmesbury’s Got Talent concert.

Margarita Espinoza, a Fairtrade coffee producer from Nicaragua, visited the school during the fortnight to share her experiences and how the charity has helped.

Among the other sponsored activities was a nail art and face paint stall where people could wear the Fairtrade logo, an odd shoe day, a mosaic art installation creating the Fairtrade logo out of glass tiles, a bake-off pancake day, and a staff vs sixth form netball match.

Fairtrade co-ordinator Samantha Robertson said: “The students have been so involved and really engaged well with it.”

Members of the sixth form also visited three primary schools in the area talking in assemblies about Fairtrade and its purpose.