Police have praised a neighbour’s actions after they rescued a 93-year-old Trowbridge man who was left stuck in his bath for more than a day.

Officers had to break into the house in Boundary Walk, at 4.30pm on Saturday, where they found the frail man stuck in his bath after a number of failed attempts to get out.

A neighbour called the police after noticing the man’s curtains hadn’t been opened and his post was sticking out of his front door.

PC Amy Hardman and PCSO Vicky Huntley, based at Trowbridge Police Station, went to the man’s house and after failing to get an answer, when they knocked on the door, they called for an armed response officer to force entry to the property.

They found the man sitting naked in a drained bath. They helped him out, covered him with blankets and called for an ambulance who took him to Royal United Hospital, Bath, where he remains under precautionary observations.

PC Amy Hardman said: “The difficulty that his neighbours had was that the gentleman tends to keep himself to himself anyway so they weren’t sure if anything was wrong or not. We made enquiries with hospitals and the man’s family and decided to force entry.

“The man was a bit shocked that there were police officers in his house and had accepted that he’d got stuck and couldn’t get out.

"We are grateful that the neighbour was vigilant as I have no doubt we’d have been attending a death a few days down the line otherwise.”

The neighbour didn’t want to be named but said: “I’d got very concerned for his wellbeing and did what anyone would have done in those circumstances. I’m just glad he’s okay.”

Sgt Jim Suter called on more people in the town to be vigilant of their elderly and vulnerable neighbours.

He said: “This is a perfect example of neighbours looking out for each other. I’d ask for everyone who lives near people, who might be considered to be vulnerable, to keep an eye out for them whenever possible.”

Boundary Walk is in Wiltshire and Trowbridge Town Councillor Jeff Osborn’s ward and he was full of praise for the observant neighbour.

Cllr Osborn said: “I think this shows the great community spirit with have and I’d ask everyone to keep an eye out for your frail neighbours.”