Bradford on Avon mayor John Potter has closed his Bath shop John’s Bikes after 38 years in the business.

The Walcot Street shop, which employed six people, closed last week and is now up for sale.

Mr Potter said: “We did all sorts of things to keep it going but now it is someone else’s turn. We have been negotiating with people to buy it. It has been hard work but I hope it will be open soon.”

Mr Potter used to race as part of the Southborough District Wheelers in Kent, before moving to Bath.

The shop is closely associated with bike rides company Bike Events, which organises the London to Brighton Bike Ride.

The mayor said: “People have had a jolly good laugh with it (the shop) and we developed a lot of stuff through it, like the London to Brighton Bike Ride and bike tours in Cuba and the Pyrenees.

“That was the point, to get people that don’t ride to ride bikes. The shop has a really good reputation and offered a really good service. I hope it carries on as a bike shop.”