PLANS for up to 220 homes on land north of The Mead in Westbury have been given the go ahead – despite concerns over road safety and traffic congestion.

The plans, brought forward by AMEC consultants on behalf of landowner Gloucester Land Company, will see land off the A350 used for a mix of homes and apartments, with 30 per cent guaranteed as affordable housing.

Westbury Town Council objected to the development at a meeting last year due to concerns about highway safety caused by increased traffic and the pressure it would place on existing infrastructure in the town.

But Wiltshire Council planners narrowly voted in favour of the plans, with six votes for and five votes against, after hearing that a Section 106 agreement had been finalised.

Westbury North councillor David Jenkins, who was at the planning meeting on Wednesday, said: “I’m disappointed. My main concern is that now it’s been approved, others will probably follow.

“I also think that to have one exit in and out from an estate of that size is ridiculous, despite what the highways people say, and it will guarantee more traffic and congestion at peak times.

“One good thing that will come out of it is the money contribution to schools and the council through the Section 106 agreement, but I am concerned about the impact it will have on the roads and the town.”

Gordon King, Westbury East councillor, also expressed concerns at the meeting, but John Hall from AMEC said it would provide much needed affordable homes to the area.

Westbury West councillor Russell Hawker, speaking after the meeting, added: “I can see positives and negatives with this outcome.

“But if we have to have this on top of the existing allocated housing in the core strategy then this is the right site for it.”