WOMAD festival organisers have made a commitment to improve standards even further this year by only employing caterers who are guaranteed to be fully trained and legally compliant.

Outdoor and event catering comes with risks, mainly from untrained, unqualified individuals.

To uphold its food safety standards, WOMAD - World of Music, Arts and Dance- has made it compulsory for all catering traders at this year’s festival to be Nationwide Caterers Association (NCASS) members.

It means that not only can they guarantee the food hygiene, gas safety, insurance and training of the caterers, but they can also ensure their customers get to eat at some of the best food stalls in the UK at the festival in Charlton Park, Malmesbury, from July 24-27.

NCASS is the only national body in the UK that look after these mobile and event caterers and they ensure the highest possible standards.

The festival brings together artists from all over the globe and celebrates food from around the world. NCASS’s list of members includes caterers who serve anything from burgers to noodles, pulled pork and falafel.

Mark Laurie, NCASS director says “We are absolutely thrilled that WOMAD is making it compulsory for all caterers at this year’s festival to be NCASS members.

"Here at NCASS we take safety and food hygiene very seriously, ensuring that all our members are operating their business safely and legally. From risk assessments to training programs to insurance, we provide all the tools needed that members can then apply to their businesses.

"This partnership will ensure that all selected caterers for the festival can be trusted to be safe and legal, and therefore WOMAD festival goers will have plenty of choice.”

Lulu Cowley, of WOMAD, said: "It just makes sense to make membership compulsory. NCASS has been great over the last few years making sure every mobile caterer who is signed up for membership, is up to date with the latest regulations, and providing all the help and support needed to guide people through what can be a minefield of regulations.

"WOMAD want to make sure that all of our caterers are following the correct procedures, and all have information relating to new guidelines.

"We want our customers to eat at some of the best food stalls in the UK, and this is just one of the measures we are putting in place to ensure this happens.

“From an admin point of view, for members, all risk assessments, insurance documents, food safety documentation can be viewed not just by us but also by the environmental health teams, so should there be any issues, there is the opportunity to get these resolved before going on to site.

"It makes sense for caterers to be members of an organisation, that is able to check and clarify, not just interpret the regulations we need to be following.”

Anyone interested in finding out more about NCASS can visit the website www.ncass.org.uk. WOMAD tickets are now on sale on www.womad.co.uk