Trowbridge man Stephen Wiltshire has been ordered to pay £20,000 in compensation after he wrote fraudulent cheques to himself while employed as a finance manager.

Mr Wiltshire 41, of Langley Road, Trowbridge, has been ordered by Bristol Crown Court to pay the money within six months or he could face prison.

Between October 2011 and October 2012, whilst employed as a finance manager at Modcell Limited in Bristol, Wiltshire wrote cheques to himself amounting to £25,763.74, which he was not entitled to do.

He was convicted of six counts of fraud at Bristol Crown Court on July 15 last year and sentenced to eight months in prison for the offence.

Mr Wiltshire, who has bowled for Spencer Moulton Bowling Club in Bradford on Avon, is no longer in prison and last Thursday he was ordered by the same court to pay £20,000 compensation to the victim as part of a POCA confiscation order.

He has been given six months to pay and a default prison sentence has been set at eight months.