WHEN little Kara Moore munched into her fish dinner, she certainly didn’t expect to end it with a fish bone lodged in her mouth.

The four-year-old from Chiseldon was eating dinner with her family when the bone, which was more than an inch long, impaled the roof of her mouth.

Her mum, April, who also has two older children, said: “She said ‘mummy my mouth hurts’ and she was crying and she sounded muffled. So I took a look and there was this fish bone lodged in the roof of her mouth. It was over an inch long. It was absolutely disgusting.

“She was ok. I just pulled it out but her mouth started bleeding, and children don’t like the sight of blood anyway but she began to panic about it.

“I know that fish has bones in it and the box did say there might be bones but you don’t expect to find a bone that big.

“She has been a bit off her food after it happened, but children get over things quite quickly. I just want to warn other parents to look out.”

After the incident, April tried to call Morrisons’ customer services line.

The 26-year-old said: “They told me that someone would call me back. I called again on March 10 and again they said they would call me back, but nobody did. I tried again last Thursday morning but I am still waiting to hear back.

“Something really needs to be done because it’s unacceptable. It’s the principle.

“Obviously there are bones in fish but they shouldn’t be that big, and if it had gone down the wrong way or got stuck somewhere else it could have been a lot worse.”

April bought the own-brand Chunky Battered Cod fillets from the new Morrisons store in Eldene, which opened last month.

She said: “We needed some shopping and I thought I’d go along and see what the new Morrisons was like.

“I just hope it won’t stop her eating fish again.”

A Morrisons spokesman said: “We’re sorry for taking so long to get back to Ms Moore. On this occasion she clearly didn’t receive the level of customer service to which she was entitled. We are investigating why the process has taken so long.”