IMPROVEMENTS need to be made at Busy Bees Day Nursery in Broome Manor, according to Ofsted.

A January inspection found the pre-school had fallen from its 2009 ‘outstanding’ rating.

The nursery, based in Pipers Way, is one of 214 provisions run by Busy Bees Day Nurseries Limited across the country, with two others in Swindon at St Andrews Ridge and Peatmoor.

In March 2009, the education watchdog found the nursery was operating at the top of its game, but in this latest report, published last Wednesday, the nursery has been advised to improve staff deployment, consistency of teaching and staff monitoring.

Following her inspection, Gillian Little wrote: “The quality of supervision and support for children is variable as staff do not always deploy themselves well to meet children’s needs effectively.

“There are inconsistencies in the quality of children’s learning experiences.

“Staff do not always plan activities well as they do not take full account of the needs of individual children or the groups of children for whom the activities are intended.”

The nursery provides three units for different age groups. Busy Bees at Broome Manor is registered on the Early Years Register and is caring for 116 children in the early years age range. The nursery supports children with special educational needs and children learning English as an additional language.

As a part of her inspection on January 31, Ms Little observed activities in all age groups and met requests by staff to observe specific activities.

She also completed a joint observation with nursery manager Rachel Payne in an afternoon session of the pre-school, as well as talking with staff, children and parents.

In its definition of what a Grade 3 judgement means, Ofsted states: “The provision is not giving children a good standard of early years education and/or there are minor breaches of the safeguarding and welfare requirements.

“It will be monitored and inspected within 12 months of this inspection.”

Busy Bees Day Nursery at Broome Manor was unavailable for comment.