FOLLOWING a constant battle with one of the wettest winters for many years, Christ Church’s new Garden of Reflection is nearing completion.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the ground work team of Rob Andrews and Connor Hurst, who struggled with the elements to complete the work on time, the final hard landscaping has been finished.

Despite the many days of torrential rain and driving wind, Rob and Connor could be found wheeling tons of top soil and barrows of concrete and sand up to the site.

The site of the new garden was, for many years, a rubbish and burning area for the burial ground but it was felt that the location, with its view of the church and its quiet aspect, would make a fitting place of peace and reflection for those visiting the church, community centre and grounds.

The garden was designed by Rachel Titcombe, who won the church’s garden design competition last year.

Now that things have started to dry up, some planting is underway and the process of cleaning up and patching up the damaged grass and verges is beginning.

Benches are planned for the garden and donations towards these and the completion of the planting are welcome. If you would like to make a donation or find out more, contact Stephen Grosvenor on or 07885 217077.