MATTHEW Griffin, a dealer with one of the biggest hoards of cannabis found in the town, was jailed for two years at Swindon Crown Court yesterday.

Griffin, 45, of Holbein Square, Grange Park, was sentenced in connection with a number of drug offences in the town after a raid on his home revealed a huge amount of cannabis worth around £33,000.

Griffin was arrested on 23 October 2013 after officers from the West Swindon neighbourhood policing team conducted a drugs warrant at his address.

Once inside, officers found approximately 18kg of cannabis resin along with £6,000 in cash.

Griffin was arrested and charged with possession of cannabis with intent to supply, possession of criminal property and possession of Class C drugs.

In addition to the custodial sentence, the cash was seized under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Sgt Pete Foster, of the West Swindon neighbourhood policing team, welcomed the fact Griffin would be off the streets for two years.

“He was not a prominent local trouble maker, and was one of those who went under our radar for a long time,” said Sgt Foster.

“A lot of the intelligence suggested he was going into town to deal, so we would not see him in our area quite as much.”

Evidence from members of the public allowed police to acquire a warrant and raid the property.

“Sometimes we are waiting for that last link in the intelligence to secure the warrant, which is why we encourage people to come forward with any information,” added Sgt Foster. “It is an intrusive procedure to enter someone’s home, and we have to be sure.

“We got the community intelligence we needed for the warrant, and to be honest we were surprised by the amount that we found there. It was the most cannabis resin I have ever seen in one place.

“Cannabis resin is not as widespread as herbal cannabis, which is what we usually find on people these days. It was quite an unusual case.

“Herbal cannabis is grown locally, but with resin it is usually imported from abroad.

“It is a very positive result even though he got his sentence reduced for pleading guilty. We hope this sends out a clear message to those involved in supplying drugs that if you are caught you could lose both your liberty and ill-gotten gains.

“If drugs are not as readily available we hope that acquisitive crime will drop off as well because people will no longer steal to fund their habits.

“This warrant was executed based on community intelligence and we would encourage anyone to report this kind of behaviour.

“If you have information involving the supply of drugs contact your local NPT via 101 or if you wish to remain anonymous phone Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”