A DRUG dealer who went back into business just weeks after being released early from prison has been jailed for three years.

Jordan Carty, known on the streets at Shorty, was freed in July after serving half a three-year-eight-month sentence for being involved in the drugs trade.

But less than two months later the 21-year-old was back in business in Swindon peddling crack cocaine and heroin to users.

As well as selling directly to the addicts who called his mobile, he also sent his runners to hand over the wraps and collect the cash on his behalf.

However, unknown to him, among his customers was an undercover police officer who had been sent in to infiltrate users and catch dealers.

On five occasions from Monday, September 9 to Monday, October 21 Carty sold crack and heroin to the officer, who was using the name Stan.

Tessa Hingston, prosecuting, told Swindon crown court: “The officer, through another person, was told to contact someone known as Shorty, who turned out to be Mr Carty.

“On a number of occasions Stan, the undercover officer, was directed to go to a certain place in an alleyway off a car park and given crack cocaine or heroin, usually produced from the person’s mouth.

“On five occasions he met Shorty, or Mr Carty, and was supplied directly. Other times he met others. He asked ‘Are you Shorty’s man?’ They would say yes.

“So he was not only directly supplying drugs himself, but also had others, runners, for him.”

Carty, of Dean Street, Rodbourne, pleaded guilty to five counts of supplying drugs.

He received the 44-month jail term in August 2012 when police smashed the notorious Breaker Network of dealers in the town.

Carty, whose dad is serving 11 years three months for attempted murder in a drugs related attack, was a ‘first lieutenant’ in the gang.

Gary Pons, defending, said there was little to say in mitigation for his client, who knew he was facing another jail term.

He said the drugs he was dealing were not particularly strong and asked the court to bear in mind he was still a young man.

The court was told that should he commit another offence in relation to the trade in class A drugs after his release he will be looking at a minimum seven year sentence.

Jailing him, Judge Douglas Field said: “You were incarcerated to July 11. It is dispiriting to see that you are back dealing on September 9.

“The fact that you were sentenced to 44 months for counts of conspiracy to supply class A in 2012 is a serious aggravating feature.”

The Breaker Network, also known as the Dreds or the Carty Gang, sold thousands of pounds worth of hard drugs after coming to Swindon from London.

Selling up to 100 deals a day, they recruited young addicts to act as their street-level runners completing deals or to store large amounts of stock.

And the dealers intimidated others with violence and threats of rape and murder to allow their homes to be used for their operation.

Anthony Brown, aged 23 and known on the streets as Breaker, ran the operation and was jailed for five years.