The aim of the Historic Core Zone in Bradford on Avon is to ‘rebalance the relationship between pedestrians and vehicles and to reduce the dominance and intimidation of traffic’.

This is how the initiative has developed...

2008: Taming the Traffic survey tried to establish solutions to traffic problems.

2009: Priority for People initiative suggested Historic Core Zone in the town centre.

2010: Bradford on Avon Area Board gave its support to HCZ, and Wiltshire Council adopted the project.

2013: Public consultation on phase one of the plans Plans: Increasing pedestrian footway space and reducing carriageway widths, ramps to reduce traffic speed, five ‘courtesy’ crossings in place of the Market Street zebra crossing, decluttering’ the street by removing yellow lines and unnecessary signs.

2014: Traffic Regulation Order for a Restricted Parking Zone within the HCZ (published in today’s Wiltshire Times) allows a four-week consultation period in which comments can relate to any area of the HCZ’s first phase.

The final proposals for the first phase of the scheme, together with the results of the consultation, will be put to Bradford on Avon Town Council and the Community Area Board.

If they endorse the scheme for implementation, then cabinet member for highways, Cllr John Thomson, will be invited to approve the budget and the scheme will go ahead.