Three people who are accused of being involved in trading hard drugs have been released on bail by a judge.

Peter Rundle, Dion Barrett and Anna-Kay Tulloch are all said to have played a part in peddling heroin, cocaine and cannabis last summer.

Rundle, 43, of Cottles Barton, Staverton, is charged with possessing all three drugs with intent to supply on Friday, June 14.

Barrett, 37, of Newtown, Trowbridge, and Tulloch, 19, of St Gabriels Road, Bristol, each face three counts of being concerned in the supply of drugs on the same day.

No charges were formally put to them during their brief appearance at Swindon Crown Court on Friday and they did not enter any pleas.

Judge Douglas Field adjourned the case to Friday, May 30, and released them on bail until then.