Chippenham-based Good Energy, the renewable electricity supplier, has submitted a planning application to Wiltshire Council for a 4.9MW solar farm between Marston and Worton.

Covering about 25 acres, it would generate approximately 4,728 MWh a year, enough electricity to supply around 1,100 homes .

A public consultation was held in May 2013 at Marston and Worton Village Hall where local communities were invited to view and comment on plans, which include a community fund of £4,900 per annum (rising with inflation) for the 30-year lifetime of the solar farm.

The company has also commissioned an independent ecological plan to create new wildlife habitats including planting wildflower meadows and new hedgerows, setting up beetle banks and installing bat and bird boxes, in and around the solar farm.

Juliet Davenport OBE, CEO and founder of Good Energy, said: “As well as helping to reduce our reliance on imported energy and move away from fossil fuels, our proposed solar farm at Lower End Farm will bring some great benefits to the local community as well as enhance habitats for valuable local wildlife.

“The site is well concealed, with further screening being provided through the additional planting and enhancement of existing hedgerows.”

Rob and Margaret Elliott, owners of Lower End Farm since 1982, said: “We are extremely pleased to be working with Good Energy knowing that we are able to help meet the need for more of the UK’s electricity demand to be met from renewable sources.

“The organic, free-range egg business currently run on site will continue alongside the solar farm.

"We are also planning to install new chicken sheds which will include rooftop solar panels, helping to further reduce the carbon footprint of the farm.”

Solar panels would be mounted in rows about five to seven metres apart and around 90cm above the ground.

This would allow for sheep to be brought from a nearby farm to graze around the panels.

Full details of the planning application can be found on the Wiltshire Council website using the planning application number 14/02273/FUL