Bath Food Bank has thanked customers at Sainsbury’s Bradford on Avon for donating 245kg of food in 10 weeks to help people in crisis.

The bank has a trolley behind the tills for donated items bought in the store. Tricia and Rob Munday been volunteers for the bank for six months and visit the store weekly to pick up the donations.

Mrs Munday said: “It is not just the amount of donations; it is the choice of the goods they put in that is so good. We have to have something with a long shelf life and quick and easy to cook.”

The volunteers check the food is in date, then label and sort it into boxes, ready to be given to people in need.

Darren Clare, deputy store manager, said: “A big thank you to the customers for their kind donations. They are going to a very worthwhile cause. I hope we continue to receive support.