The death of driver Tracey Rooke, 43, on the A3102 at Mile Elm makes it likely that the 50mph speed limit there will be re-examined.

The road links Silver Street in Calne to the A342 Devizes Road and had a 60mph speed limit, which was reduced to 50mph about seven months ago.

Residents have already raised concerns about the safety of the road, which they say has several dangerous bends, and it is likely it will now be discussed at future council meetings.

Wiltshire councillor Christine Crisp said there were various reasons for setting a particular speed limit, but it would be right to check these after a fatality.

She said: “I’m likely to raise it in the future in view of what has happened. There was a review and the speed limit was reduced and now we have had another fatality.

“It’s very sad and we need to look at it just to check that we have the right speed limit for the area and one that will work, but we can’t prevent every accident.

“I travel that way myself very often and it is bendy there.”

The need for a lower speed limit at Mile Elm has already been discussed by Calne Without Parish Council, but the responsibility for it remains with Wiltshire Council.

Parish councillor Sue Bake said: “The final decision is made by the highways authority.

“We are constrained by the fact that it’s an A-road and the speed limit is determined by the number of dwellings within that area.

“Ideally I would like it reduced, but to a certain extent the onus is on the drivers to drive to the road conditions.

“Just because it’s a 50mph speed limit doesn’t mean that they should always do 50.

“There are quite a lot of near misses on that particular road. Sadly because of the fatality it may help to convince the powers that be to reduce it even further.”

Parish councillor and farmer Jeff Brown said other preventative measures warning drivers to take care could also be looked at, such as painting the road.

He said: “It just makes people think a little more. They think ‘why is all this paint there?’ Something as simple as that could be effective.

“I wasn’t at that particular scene so I couldn’t possibly comment on that accident, but I think if you don’t know the road you should be driving accordingly.

“Speaking to other people travelling on that day, not on that road but just generally in the area, if we you had a speed limit of 10 miles per hour it would be too fast because you just couldn’t physically see, the fog was so bad.”