TAW Hill residents joined with members of the Wiltshire and Berkshire Canal Trust to plant trees at Mouldon Hill.

The group planted more than 120 trees of different varieties at the country park, which they hope will continue to grow over the next 100 years and provide a relaxing place to visit as well as a habitat for local wildlife.

The event was arranged by the Swindon Time Banks, an initiative launched in Penhill and Taw Hill last summer as a way for people to share skills with other people in the community.

For every hour of time a member spends providing a service for another member, they receive one time credit, which can be exchanged for a service provided by another Time Bank member.

Time bank ambassador Stuart Newland said: “It was a great opportunity to get out on a lovely sunny day with my daughter, spending some time with people in the community and doing some good for the local environment.”

Taw Hill Time Bank already has 21 members who are swapping their time and enthusiasm.

To join contact 01793 420557, timebankswindon@gmail.com or www.facebook.com/timebankswindon.