Police are stepping up patrols around Calne’s skate bowl in Station Road after dealing with several problems there.

Officers were called to the skate bowl to investigate reports of youths drinking alcohol and an allegation that one youngster had damaged a bike last Saturday afternoon.

But when they arrived the group had gone, and this was also the case at just after 3.20pm when someone called to say there were youngsters drinking and one teenager being sick.

Just after 8pm police, who were patrolling the area due to the problems earlier in the day, thought they could smell cannabis and stopped a man to search him.

He was handcuffed and tried to run away, but was caught again. After this he tried to head butt police and a van arrived to take him into custody at Melksham Police Station.

At the same time another group of youths arrived. Police say they began causing problems, and another man was arrested for obstructing officers.

Calne PCSO Mark Cook said: “Patrols are going to be done in and around the area due to the problems in and around the skate bowl.

“We are currently working with the town council in regards to the development on the skate bowl to try and reduce the impact it has on residents in the wider area.”

The man who was initially stopped by police was kept in custody overnight before being released and no further action was taken against the man arrested for obstructing police.