SUPERMARKET giant Morrisons has confirmed its new store in Wroughton will open at the end of the month, despite residents’ protests.

Plans to build the new Morrisons M Local store, on the site of the former Three Tuns pub, has provoked anxiety among some nearby residents since the company first lodged an interest in the site last summer.

But one resident, Talis Kimberley, is hopeful that the new store will still have a place in the village.

She said: “I believe many people in the village are pleased with how Morrisons have converted the Three Tuns into a shop front. “They have still retained the character of the building which is one thing residents were hoping for.

“I also believe it will be affectionately nicknamed Morri-Tuns, because many people do still think of it as being the Three Tuns pub.

“I hope that they will try to reduce the use of plastic bags and unnecessary receipts and make an example to other local shops.

“I am also pleased to hear that the store aims to engage with the local community and local organisations.”

Earlier this year construction was delayed by three weeks when wind ripped the roof off, tearing away a support and damaging the building.

Coun Brian Ford, (Independent, Wroughton & Wichelstowe), said that although he welcomed the new store, he had concerns about its front door, which faces outward on to the busy Devizes Road.

He said: “It’s a fact of life that supermarkets get built.

“But I do have concerns about the sitings of the doors. I believe they should be sited on to the car park because at the moment the front door is set right into the road.

“I think with the plans to build a Waitrose in Wichelstowe Morrisons has every right to put a store there.

“I did tell Morrisons my concerns about the door going straight into the road but that seems to have been ignored.”

The Morrisons convenience store, which created 20 new jobs for local people, will stock a range of wares in line with its commitment to fresh food.

It will also stock a food-to-go section for on-the-move customers and aims to play an important role in the local community.

Store manager Josh Davies said: “We are delighted to be bringing a Morrisons M local to Wroughton and to be creating 20 new jobs for local people. “Our store will focus on selling fresh food like fruit and veg, meat and fish.

“And as a team, we will work hard to make sure our store is a great addition to the community.”

The supermarket is to open on March 31, when the ribbon will be cut by a local community stalwart.