Campaigners working on Trowbridge’s campus plans are frustrated with delays caused by the prospect of it homing healthcare.

Members of the town’s Shadow Community Operations Board (COB), which is overseeing the plans, are meeting representatives from the NHS, Wiltshire’s Clinical Commissioning Group, Trowbridge’s doctors’ surgeries and Wiltshire Council at the start of April.

The discussions are taking place to see whether the campus could provide improved health provisions to Trowbridge.

Colin Kay, COB chairman, said: “We are ready to go to Wiltshire Council cabinet with the plans, but we have been delayed while we discuss the prospect of the campus having a health resource.

“I think this delay could be worthwhile in the long run.”

Some councillors in Trowbridge feel the hold up is frustrating because the COB has spent months consulting the public and producing a campus proposal.

Under the plans the campus would have swimming, sports and IT facilities, if approved by Wiltshire Council. Its location has yet to be confirmed.

Wiltshire and Trowbridge town councillor Graham Payne said: “We are becoming increasingly frustrated at the continuing lack of positive action by health groups.

“This train cannot be held up too much longer.”

Fellow councillor Jeff Osborn thinks that it is essential for the town to improve its health facilities.

He said: “We have had promises and promises and promises of improved healthcare, but we’ve constantly been let down.

“It would be good to have something in the campus, but even still that won’t be here for another four or five years - we need something better now.”