NEWS that a community centre in Redhouse it set to be constructed to house a primary school has been broadly welcomed by the parish council.

A new primary school is being built at Tadpole Farm in North Swindon but following the heavy rains of the winter months, an access road to the site could not be constructed.

Due to the urgent need for primary school places, the council earlier this week announced they were going to build a community centre in Redhouse which will house the pupils until the original site is ready, which is expected to be January 2015.

Blunsdon Parish Council have said this is a good thing for the area and are pleased the centre will be built.

Chairman Ian Jankinson said: “We fully understand the need for school places in North Swindon so it is good there will be places available for the children to go.

“I am also pleased as it means the community centre will definitely get built which is what Redhouse really needs.

“It had been agreed with the council so we knew there would be one coming but it is good to have the confirmation.

“It is good there has been a commitment from the council to ensure it will be run by and for the community once the school have vacated.”

The main concern, which has also been raised by ward councillors, is a shortage of car parking spaces in an area which is notorious for parking problems.

The community centre will have approximately 25 spaces but with the roads in Redhouse already packed with cars, the addition of a school, even in the short term, may cause problems.

Mr Jankinson said: “With the car park at Isambard School being located where it is, many of the teachers park along Isambard Way.

“On top of the parking from people using the Redhouse Village Centre, the addition of the children on staff could create all sorts of added problems which need to be addressed.”

Council leader David Renard said while there may be issues, it will only be in the short term and hopefully with the location of the school, many people will walk.

He said: “Unfortunately this is an issue we have around many schools and it may be something we have to deal with while the school is being built.

“It will only be for seven to nine months for what I think will be for a maximum of 40 students, many of whom will walk into school.”