PETER Pan and Tinker Bell flew over to the Link Centre yesterday to meet Swindon Wildcats ahead of their performance at the Wyvern Theatre.

The stars of the Russian Ice Stars production of Peter Pan on Ice showed off their skills alongside the team before trying their hand at ice hockey.

The show, which will be at the Wyvern from May 7 to May 11, will see the Wyvern Theatre’s stage being transformed into an ice rink.

Katya Bokiy, who plays Tinker Bell, said: “Peter Pan on Ice is based on the original story by J.M. Barrie. We have adapted the story a little bit for ice skating, and we explain the story through movement. We don’t speak but we have narration.

“Peter Pan is an amazing story, and it’s never boring because there are so many characters. There is so much acting and movement on stage, it’s really very exciting. The show is not just for children either, the parents also enjoy it.”

In the show, Wendy, Michael and John are visited in the nursery by Peter Pan, who teaches them to fly with the help of Tinker Bell, and takes them on a magical journey to Never Land.

Unique touches, including penny farthings being ridden across the ice as the curtain opens on the skyline of a London park, pave the way for a fast-moving production.

Speaking about the visit, a spokesman for Swindon Wildcats said: “Swindon Wildcats are thrilled to be joined by the stars of this amazing fantasy adventure of Peter Pan on Ice. We cannot wait to see him in action.”

For tickets to see Peter Pan on Ice, which are from £17, visit or call 01793 524481.