IT ALL went a little bit French at Nythe Primary School yesterday as youngsters learned more about the culture and language of our friends from across the Channel.

Pupils enjoyed a French-themed day of croissants and berets, singing French songs and learning about the Eiffel Tower and impressionist artists.

The day was organised by Elizabeth Corrin, the modern foreign language teacher at Nythe, who wanted to give the children a taste of a different culture.

She said: “All the children were so excited and I heard one of them scream when she saw the bunting we had put up.

“French is a vital part of learning here at Nythe. Even KS1 have one class a week in French.

“We have signs in French all over the school and the teachers take the register in French.”

As part of the day, classes learned about French painters Henri Matisse and Claude Monet, sang songs in French, said the school prayer in French and built the Eiffel Tower from straws and marshmallows.

They learned about French cafes while pupils in Year 6 served croissants, pretended to fly to France and even had a French storyteller visit them.

Sarah Brodie, who teaches geography at Nythe, said: “The earlier children start learning a language the better.

“We live in a multi-cultural world and even if we don’t have any native French speakers here at the moment it’s really important for children to know about different cultures and languages and know that they are actual places.”

Youngsters also enjoyed a French themed lunch of beef bourguignon followed by crepes.

This Is Wiltshire:

Forming the French flag are Niamh, Joel, Tommy, Chloe, Ruby, Elyssa, William, Samantha and Kian

For the teachers, days like French Day can mean students like 11-year-old Renee Hamilton-Ellis don’t realise they are actually learning because they are enjoying it too much.

Renee said: “It was really fun. We did impressionist paintings using pastels of cafes because France has lots of cafes. We also got to talk in French when we served the rest of the school with croissants and pain au chocolats.”

Children are looking forward to more culture-themed days in the future.

Ten-year-old Ama Kumi-Addo said: “I think it’s interesting to see what other countries do.

“We should do it again, maybe on a different country, like Germany.”