A PARKING survey looking at Swindon Town match day traffic in Walcot is being repeated by Swindon Council.

Last August a consultation was held, presenting four different options to tackle the long-standing issue of parked vehicles clogging up roads and driveways when the Robins play at the County Ground.

The new survey is to take into account a fifth option which has been added.

Four of the options would create bills running into tens of thousands of pounds, with the other option to do nothing.

Introducing a two-hour waiting limit for part of the day to deter commuter parking is the new option, at a cost of £63,000.

Extending double yellow lines at junctions in Walcot would cost £20,000.

There are two options based around parking permits for residents.

One would be to make the area a residents’ permit-only zone from Monday to Saturday between 8am and 10pm, at a cost of £40,000.

The other is to introduce a residents’ only zone for match days, or other events at the County Ground, at a cost of £75,000, with electronic signs an optional extra for a further £45,000.

Detailed drawings of the options will be on display at Lainesmead School on Thursday and Friday for anyone interested in seeing or wishing to comment on the plans.