Marlborough Town Council has objected to controversial plans to build 46 houses on land next to Rabley Wood View.

The bid has been submitted by the sons of late multi-millionaire Robert Sangster who want to build on the open space which currently belongs to Wiltshire Council in exchange for 14 hectares of nearby land owned by the Manton Estate.

The plans have been met with fierce objections from nearby residents who believe the replacement land is unsuitable and that 46 additional homes in the area would cause traffic problems.

These concerns have now been officially backed by the town council which is worried that the application would have a negative impact on wildlife, parking, traffic and road safety.

There is also suggestion that there is an existing Deed of Variation which restricts development on the land and the town council does not believe that land offered would be a like-for-like swap in both quality and size.

The application has been called in by Wiltshire and town councillor Stewart Dobson to be considered by the Eastern Area Planning Committee.