When Neston teenager Anise Mehrez started his own wholesale plant business last year, he had no idea how much it would grow.

The 13-year-old, known to friends and family as Pod, has taken over his mother’s garden to grow flowers and vegetables.

And with Mother’s Day on the horizon, he is gearing up for his busiest period yet.

The former Heywood Prep student, who has his own website and sells his wares all over the country, said: “I enjoy doing it but I’m really busy for Mothers’ Day.

“I go out every morning to make sure the plants are fine, and at night I get home from school and have to stay late to get it all done.”

He started out helping his mother Jacqueline Mehrez at her store Neston Flowers, in Bradford on Avon, and has his own poly tunnel set up in the family garden.

He said: “I just got into it from her when I helped her out, and thought I could do it too.

“Last year I got my tunnel and I would take things out to local people, and now I send plants out all over the UK. I want to be doing this full-time as a wholesaler, I just like to look at my plants and know I have grown that myself.

“My friends were quite shocked when they found out about the business; they don’t really do anything like this.

“I never watch telly because I am always outside, if it’s raining or not.”

Miss Mehrez said: “He is getting on really well. He supplies all the local shops as well. He paid for everything himself. I might lend him some funds to help out but he always pays me back.

“He is a very hands-on child. He does his own deals and they keep on going. I’m very proud of him.”

For information on Pod’s business, see www.mygardenplants.com