THE odds were forever in the favour of students at Melksham Oak Community School when they took part in their own Hunger Games, inspired by the popular book and Hollywood film series.

As part of their once- a-term ACORN activity days, students were placed in mixed-age groups for a series of physical and mental challenges, including bridge-building, tyre-stacking and puzzle-solving.

Omega House were the eventual winners on Wednesday last week, beating stiff competition from the other school houses, Polaris, Sirius and Castor.

Assistant headteacher Aidan Blowers said: “Following an idea from our house leaders, they were put into vertical teams from Year 7 to Year 13, and had to work together on a range of tasks for the morning to gain points.

“The top teams in our four houses were then pitted against each other in the Hunger Games final in the afternoon.

“The day was a great success, which was down to the amazing creative challenges set by our staff and the leadership and enthusiasm of the students.

“We achieved all the energy and intensity of the Hunger Games that we were aiming for – fortunately though without any of the bloodshed.”