Westbury mum-of-two Nicola Leitch is confident her new antenatal classes will help prevent expectant mothers experiencing the same problems she had during her first pregnancy.

The 35-year-old, who lives in Westbury Leigh with her husband and their two daughters, Faith, nine, and Florence, six, has been training to be an antenatal teacher with Lazy Daisy for the past nine months.

Mrs Leitch was inspired to set up antenatal classes in Westbury and Warminster, after having a smoother second pregnancy thanks to using similar techniques as used by Lazy Daisy.

Lazy Daisy is a multi-sensory approach to antenatal education, with birthing classes incorporating movement, relaxation and visualisation designed to help prepare for a confident and positive birth.

Mrs Leitch said: “I had two very different births and it inspired me to help other women as I had firsthand experience of the effects of negative and positive birthing.

“My first birth was awful and there were many things I would have changed, but little changes make a big difference.

“I was given more support second time around and I didn’t have the post-natal depression I had after my first pregnancy.

“I used many of the similar techniques used by Lazy Daisy for my second pregnancy and it gave me more confidence in my body.

“I like the holistic approach and it’s all about being in the right mind set.”

She added: “Everyone deserves to have an empowering and confident pregnancy, no matter which route it takes, and I am determined to help them achieve it through the technique.”

Mrs Leitch is holding two free coffee and cake mornings from 10.30am-11.30am at Leigh Park Community Centre on April 8 and Warminster Civic Centre on April 10 when people can find out more.

There is also a chance to win a free six-week Daisy Birthing course, worth £40 in a raffle.

For more information, phone 07752 268823 or email Nicola-leitch@lazydaisybirthing.co.uk