Two months after a life-saving bone marrow transplant Ellie Davidson is recovering well and could be home in as little as a fortnight.

The seven-year-old has being battling leukaemia for the second time in her life since September last year.

She had the transplant in January after a one-in-a-million match donor was found in Germany.

After six weeks in isolation at the hospital, Ellie and her mum Hannah Mortimer, 28, of Riverbourne Road, moved into an apartment in Bristol.

Miss Mortimer said: “She is recovering better than we thought she would. At the moment she has a virus but other than that the doctors say it’s been a perfect transplant.

“It’s quite common to get a virus after a transplant and we have to keep going back to the hospital two times a week on a Monday and Thursday.

“On Thursday we are there all day because she has to have three hours of antibiotics, and a couple of hours of liquids, so it’s quite wearing.

“She’s having tests and we’re just waiting to be told we can go home which could be in the next two to three weeks.”

When Ellie returns home she will be reunited with her four-year-old brother Oscar and will go for regular checkups at Southampton Hospital.

“She is missing home now; she’s even missing her brother,” Miss Mortimer said.

“They saw each other two weeks ago and after a minute they were bored of each other, which is more normal, but it was nice for me to see the two of them together.

“We can’t take her to places with big crowds but we’ve been to the harbour and done a bit of sightseeing and gone to the aquarium. It’s been nice to be able to take her out in the fresh air.

“We’re really close to the harbour so we go for walks around there a lot and she’s started saying she’s bored of boats, so she hasn’t lost her sense of humour.”

Ellie, a pupil at Collingbourne Ducis Primary School, has to avoid large crowds for the next six months and hopes to return to school in September.

Miss Mortimer said: “I might send her to school for a few hours in June or July, to just get her used to being back, but at the moment we’re just looking forward to getting back to normality.

“Everybody back home has been really supportive.

“It was Oscar’s birthday on Sunday an and everybody was posting pictures of him for us to see and my friends have been helping out with looking after him.

“The hard bit is over now and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.”