Youngsters are heading for the River Kennet to release the trout they have cared for since the day they spawned.

It was part of the Trout in the Classroom Project organised by ARK – Action for the River Kennet – which teaches about the river’s ecosystem.

Pupils at St Peter’s and St John’s schools in Marlborough and St Michael’s in Aldbourne have been looking after the trout since January and are now getting ready to release them.

Eggs were provided to ARK by Berkshire Trout Farms and students had to recreate the trout’s natural chalk environment in the classroom and make sure the water is cool and declorinated.

Coordinator Helen Kelly said: “Some of the children have been so involved and intrigued with this project. It’s been amazing to watch them.

“They have cared for them since they were eggs and hatched into alevins, which is a difficult time because the alevins are susceptible to loss.

"They have had to extract any that have died and now they are bigger have the responsibility of feeding them.

“I hope it is something we can repeat next year.”