Residents in Broughton Gifford have claimed lorries delivering panels for a new solar farm have made their lives a misery, and left them unable to leave their homes.

Work has now started on the site off Norrington Lane, with large articulated lorries, which appear to be from eastern Europe, arriving daily to deliver solar panels for the 22-hectare site.

Neighbours say they have made the roads impassable as they churn up mud on the lane, and have been bothered at home by drivers seeking directions. Farmer Andrew Keen lives on Norrington Lane.

He said: “I live opposite that entrance, and we have had articulated lorries park all on the lane ripping up the grass verges. It’s an absolute nightmare here.

“They’re all foreign drivers, and they start at 5am in the morning. I have lorry drivers knocking on my door because they don’t know where they are.

“I couldn’t do any work this morning as I couldn’t get out. It’s beyond a joke.”