TREES Day Care Nursery, which opened in Oxford Road, Stratton, last September, has been rated as good by Ofsted in its first-ever inspection.

The nursery, which is one of six owned by White Horse Childcare, was inspected on February 27, when it was praised for the bonds children develop with staff.

Hilary Tierney, the inspector, wrote: “There is a good key person system, as a result children develop close bonds with their key person and demonstrate they feel safe and secure.

“Children are progressing very well in all areas of learning and development, as a result of the staff’s detailed knowledge about their key children.

“The safeguarding requirements are met effectively; consequently, children’s well-being is supported well.

“Good partnerships with parents, carers and other early years settings that children attend are developing.”

The nursery fell short of an outstanding rating because the pre-school children at the site do not have an inviting area to encourage them to look more at books.

Also, during meal times, children are not encouraged to develop their independence because staff do not invite them to prepare the table for lunch or serve themselves.