Three watercolours by Magnus Quaife have become the latest additions to Swindon’s top class Collection of Modern British art.

The paintings have been presented to Swindon Museum & Art Gallery by the Contemporary Art Society, which has presented more than 30 important works to the collection over the years.

Manchester-based artist Quaife has a strong interest in historical events. Swindon has acquired Miss Iceland (pictured), Prague Tank and Ben which are from Quaife’s series on 1968.

Quaife chose 1968 as it was a dramatic year which saw student riots in Paris, civil unrest in Prague, the on-going war in Vietnam, the death of Martin Luther King and major protests against the Miss World Competition in New York. Quaife searches for images of the year and paints them in delicate watercolour shades as well as portraying how the historical events are remembered.

Councillor Garry Perkins, Swindon Council’s Cabinet Member for Economy, Regeneration and Culture, said “Quaife’s work is an important addition to the collection as it represents a major trend in contemporary British art.

“The artwork helps bring the collection up to date while forging links to other works, like Patrick Hayman’s historical painting of Captain Cook landing in New Zealand, or Gwen John’s gentle watercolour portrait.”

Miss Iceland will be on display during this summer’s About Face exhibition, featuring portraits from the collection.

All three paintings will be shown together in an exhibition in early 2015.