AROUND six homosexual couples are planning on getting married at Swindon Register Office this year after a change in the law.

On Saturday same-sex couples celebrated being among the first in the UK to be married after a change in the law last year came into effect.

Superintendent Registrar at Swindon Register Office Mamie Beasant said: “We’ve had around half a dozen same sex couples register to be married since the law came into effect.

“The first marriage will take place at the end of April since most of them have opted for the summer.”

On Saturday couples made history and paved the way for a more tolerable society after tying the knot in venues around the country.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, said that the Church of England would now drop opposition to same-sex marriage as a result of the change in the law.

But some religious groups remain opposed to gay marriage.

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