Pupils at The Springfields Academy in Calne created ceramic sculptures, videos and cartoons during an arts day designed to help them unleash their creativity.

The day had a First World War theme and as part of this pupils went to Morgan’s Hill, between Devizes and Calne, to read war poetry and reflect on trench life.

Acting principal Jon Hamp said the day was a mixture of indoor and outdoor activities, which got pupils to create original artwork using a wide variety of techniques.

He said: “We had a little bit more history in it than usual, and we had a great guy who came in dressed as a World War One soldier. He talked about what the conditions were like and the equipment, and really got the children to think about it in detail.”

This year’s activity day coincided with the academy receiving the international schools award from the British Council for helping its pupils to learn about the world. Mr Hamp said: “It’s for the quality of our work in the curriculum, but also the links we have with schools in other countries like China and Jordan. We just want the children to feel part of something much bigger.”