THE bus driver involved in the incident in which nine-year-old Caitlin Hunt was killed is still off work and receiving counseliing, his employers have confirmed.

The pupil, from Rodbourne Cheney Primary School, was killed last month in tragic accident involving a Thamesdown Transport bus.

Paul Jenkins, managing director of Thamesdown Transport, said: “Our thoughts and condolences are with the family following this tragic accident, which has affected the entire team at Thamesdown.

“We’re offering pastoral support to our employees through our Chaplain as even though they were not directly involved, many people have been very moved by this.

“We are supporting the driver to help him come to terms with what happened and he is having counselling arranged through his GP.

“The driver has been badly shaken and is currently signed off on full pay while he recovers. We are in regular contact with him to assist his return to work but it’s too early to look at the long term.

“When he is ready, he will be eased back into driving and he will be supported by colleagues until he is confident to be on his own again.

“It is a long process that we will be taking step by step.”