FISTS were flying in the town centre last weekend.

But it was for a positive reason, as some of boxing promoter Keith Mayo’s stable at the Horseshoe Gym and Amateur Club were out in force in a temporary ring in Wharf Green on Saturday to show off their skills and tempt others to join them.

The stunt, which saw professionals such as IBO Intercontinental champion Kelvin Young join dozens of local amateurs, went down well with the public, who gathered to watch.

Keith said: “It went really well. We had the amateurs as well as pros down there and lots of people came to see what was going on.

“We had quite a few parents come and ask about signing their kids up.

“They were just doing a bit of pad work and skipping, showing off their fitness and skills and it was nice to be able to show people what the kids could do.

“Lots of people recognised Kelvin too and it was great to have him and the other pros there for the youngsters to look up to.

“We might do another one in the summer perhaps – it was a great opportunity to be in Wharf Green.”

Keith Mayo’s next big fight event, featuring Kelvin Young, will take place on June 7 at the Oasis.

Amateurs, or anyone interested in finding out more about amateur boxing, shoukd contact Horseshoe Amateur Boxing Club head coach Brian Robets on 07960 009472.