CHILDREN in Upper Wanborough finally have somewhere to play now a new park has been built.

Youngsters can now enjoy the summer months playing at the newly fitted park in Church Meadow.

Lisa Chant, who lives in Lower Wanborough with her daughters Amelie and Lauren, was pleased the village had the new park.

The 43-year-old said: “I think it’s brilliant.

“There’s another park down the bottom but this is closer for us and the girls can come after school.

“There are more facilities here and the monkey bars are shorter, so the younger children can use them as well. It’s a nice place to come for a picnic.”

Eight-year-old Lauren was especially pleased with the new park.

The Wanborough Primary School pupil said: “My favourite is the monkey bars because they are shorter and the trampoline because it’s extra bouncy. “We had a trampoline but Daddy broke it.

“I want to come here lots and lots, at least once a month.”

The £40,000 park was funded from section 106 money provided by developers as a result of the St Katherine’s Place and Stanley Close projects in the area, money raised by the parish council and a grant from Government initiative Community First.

Section 106 money is an agreed sum between the developer and Swindon Council to go toward a particular project or scheme of benefit to the local community, such as a play park or road signage. Gary Sumner, the chairman of Wanborough Parish Council, said: “I think it’s a real asset to the community and it will encourage people to come up here and enjoy Upper Wanborough. “Now it’s time to work on a step up for Lower Wanborough.

“This has been a long time coming.

“Section 106 money has to go towards something that you’re working on or a project that’s already planned out. “They can’t just give you the money to spend on what you wish, it has to go towards something that will be of benefit to the the whole community.

“It’s great now that we have a new park for all the children to enjoy.”

The new play park features a trampoline, a slide and climbing structure, a nest swing, which is suitable for very young or children with physical disabilities, and a roundabout saucer.