SWINDON Foodbank has thanked a former Penhill resident, who now lives in Serbia, after she sent them money to repay the kindness Swindon people showed her 20 years ago.

Lilliana Stajic, who appealed for help in the early 1990s for her homeland of what was then Yugoslavia, has now sent money to aid charities in the town, including the foodbank.

She had written to the Adver after seeing news reports of “troubles”, including floods, an “earthquake” and the creation of foodbanks and sent a cheque worth £25 – or 3,500 Serbian dinar.

Lilliana, then aged 45, and her mother Zivka turned to the Adver in November 1991 in a bid to help her compatriots in the country ravaged by civil war.

She said: “I now live in Serbia, among people that I aided with you lovely Swindon people, 2,200km away, but you are still close to my heart.

“Recently you’ve had one or two troubles, floods, earthquakes, creation of foodbanks. I’ve sent a cheque to aid flood victims.

“Nato bombing happened quite a long time ago but I did not forget nice Swindon people, with big hearts and emotion. Thank you once again.”

David Hartridge, the project manager at the charity, said he was delighted to receive the cheque and know people did not forget the help they had extended to the community.

“We are very grateful for every donation we get here at the Foodbank, whether it is food or money and I’m delighted that we are in someone’s memory,” he said.

“We certainly don’t expect any payback from people and we are very grateful for any that we do get. “Whatever we get we give away for free to people in Swindon that really need it.”

Anyone who wants to donate to the Swindon Foodbank can visit www.swindonfoodbank.co.uk.