Running duo John Hayter and Joanne Lumb crossed the line arm in arm as they finished the London Marathon yesterday.

But pub landlady Mrs Lumb, 36, is claiming braging rights after she waited for Mr Hayter for three minutes at their designated meeting place at the four mile water station.

Mr Hayter, 49, of East Tytherton, said: “We had to go from different starts and had arranged to meet but she got there a few minutes before me.

"My time of 3hrs 59mins 35secs was officially a tiny bit quicker than hers as it took me longer to get over the start line and for my chip to activate.”

Both were in good spirits when they celebrated with friends and family at the Dumb Post in Bremhill, which is run by Mrs Lumb, on Sunday evening.

Engineer Mr Hayter said: “We celebrated until the early hours although about midnight we were starting to flag.”

He hopes to have raised £1,800 for the Leonard Cheshire home Greathouse at Kington Langley.

Mrs Lumb, who got in on the ballot, raises money for Wiltshire Air Ambulance by putting collection boxes on the bar and hopes regulars will be generous after her efforts.

She continually raises money for the helicopter after it was used to airlift her brother Andrew Campbell to hospital after a cycling accident a number of years ago.

Father-of-three Chris Dallimore, of St Peter’s Close, Chippenham, was running to help extend his son George’s pre-school. St Mary’s at Rowden Hill need about £5,000 to build an extension for more space.

It was the 30-year-old’s first marathon and he finished in 5hs 21mins after training since November.

Mr Dallimore, who works as a carer, said: “I was pleased to finish. It was hard, particularly in the second half. It was very hot, there were no clouds, and I’m used to training in cold weather early in the morning to fit in around work.

“George watched it on the telly and was happy to hold the medal when I got home.

“I don’t know how much I’ve raised yet but I got some really nice messages from the parents.”