BURGLARS have been targeting a quiet street near Royal Wootton Bassett in a planned operation to steal electrical goods.

At the beginning of the month a number of break-ins were reported to police around Dianmer Street in Hook, where thieves have forced entry to the rear of properties and conducted thorough searches.

Having turned over the properties they often left empty-handed, leaving vauable items behind, but in one case two televisions were taken from a home while the occupants were away.

Police are continuing enquiries and are appealing for anyone who may have been the victim of a break in or noticed anything suspicious in the area to contact them.

PC Sonia Marsh, of the Royal Wootton Bassett neighbourhood policing team, said: “The incident occurred between 7 and 14 April at a residential premises while the occupants were away.

“The property was broken into via the rear patio doors on the ground floor. Two television sets were stolen and a search of the property was conducted.

“A number of other properties including garages and sheds have been broken into during the same period, but no property has been taken.”

PC Dave Johnson said the team were treating this as a planned operation.

“We are continuing our enquiries with neighbours at the moment,” he said. “At this stage we are looking at a burglary at one house, but we believe there have been a number of other non-dwelling burglaries at other properties.

“We think they are possibly linked in because we do not normally get house burglaries at all in the area.

“It is not a particularly large street and is hidden away just off the main road. We are still speaking to neighbours and so far we are aware that three other properties have had out buildings broken into.

“This has happened within the last week to 10 days, and they have all had entry gained to the rear of the property.”

The fact that only specific items have been taken makes this set of break ins unusual according to PC Johnson.

“It is quite clear they have not wanted to be disturbed and gone in with the express intention to steal,” he said.

“We are not treating this as a youth who has simply been passing and taken an opportunistic attempt. It is certainly a pre-planned thing.

“In the house burglary itself two television sets were taken, which leads us to believe this was a pre-planned operation.

“Usually they would go in and take other things they may have found in the house, but that was not the case here.

“That suggests it has been organised and that they were looking for certain items, and were lucky enough to find a house where the occupants were away.”

Anyone with any information should contact PC Dave Johnson on 01793 507912, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 where information can be left anonymously.