A new statue of a sitting monk in Malmesbury, who represents the town’s rich history, has been attracting lots of attention.

With the 12th century former Benedictine abbey standing proudly over the town, the newly acquired meditating monk statue outside the former Cross Hayes public toilet, on the corner with Oxford Street, is another reminder of the area’s heritage.

The sitting monk was put up on Friday, having been donated to the town council.

Mayor John Gundry said: “I think it’s marvellous; it’s super. I was driving through the town on Saturday and there was a family looking at it and sitting on his lap, having their picture taken.

“It sits into that piece of land perfectly.

“The statue is designed to draw attention to the role of monks in Malmesbury’s history.”

The statue was made by sculptor William Lazard, known notably for the ‘sitting Cistercian monk’ at Abbey House Gardens.

An official unveiling of the statue has been organised for noon on Tuesday, May 6.