Firefighters had to rescue an 11-year-old girl from Warminster Park last Tuesday, after her leg became trapped in the play equipment.

The girl’s mother called the fire crew after she had been trapped in the plastic play tube at the park for 20 minutes.

Warminster watch manager Chris Trimby led the team who helped her free. He said: “There is a bit of play equipment that was broken, a plastic tube about two foot in diameter.

“She had managed to get herself wedged in the tube; her knee and foot had become wedged between two sides.

“Ambulance crews came down and gave her some painkilling gas, and it was just a matter of releasing her by pulling on her foot and pushing her leg back in the other direction.

“It was quite painful for a split second, but she was released no problem, and within 15 minutes she was limping back to her own car.

“She had been there for a while and her foot had gone a bit numb, but she was fine, and there was no injury.”

It is understood that Wiltshire Council manage the play equipment, and officials are checking to see if there have been any any previous complaints.