While runners were taking on the London Marathon on Sun-day, one pupil from Kingdown School in Warminster set himself his own marathon challenge to raise money for an expedition to Tanzania.

Jacob Blood, from Longbridge Deverill, is one of a number of pupils from the school going on the four-week trip in July with Camps International, when they will work in local communities and climb Mount Meru.

As part of his efforts to fund the trip himself, Jacob completed his own 26-mile marathon along the A350, starting at the same time as the London Marathon and walking for almost eight hours to complete the distance.

The 16-year-old walked between the BP garage and the church in Longbridge Deverill along the A350 104 times to achieve the distance, taking 7hrs 42mins to finish the challenge.

Jacob said: “I am aching a bit now, but I managed to complete the distance. I had worked out that it would probably take about eight hours or so, but it was great to be able to do it quicker than that.

“I had lots of support along the way from friends, family and my neighbours, while The George Inn in Longbridge Deverill also had a bucket out for donations.

“The whole thing raised £600 towards the cost of the trip and now I have just £500 more to raise to reach the total I need which is nearly £4,000.

“Part of the trip involves climbing Mount Meru, the second highest mountain in Tanzania, so the 26 miles was certainly a good way to improve my fitness and get ready for the trip.”

Other fundraising events Jacob has been involved in included a charity fashion show at M&Co in Warminster and a cumulative cycle ride with other pupils, covering a distance of 4,500 miles on static bikes outside Morrisons.

He added: “I was in a bit of pain at the end and I did get a bit sunburnt as it was a really nice day, but it wasn’t quite as bad as I thought it would be.”