A glass maker based in Wingfield is helping Kettle Chips celebrate its new summer seasonal edition by creating a glass crisp packet for its new advertisement.

KT Yun, from Frome, was commissioned to create the lime and black pepper crisp packet to build on the company’s Lovingly Crafted campaign.

She was joined by two other craftsmen who created a ceramic packet to advertise the sea salt and balsamic vinegar flavour and a wooden packet to advertise the mature cheddar and red onion flavour.

Mrs Yun, 44, spent three weeks creating the glass masterpiece, making 12 packets along the way.

The mother-of-two said: “I knew it would not be easy and I lost a few on the way due to cracking and exploding, which happens in glass making. It is quite a lot of glass and I made the piece larger than real-life. In the end I gave the company four to choose from.

“I used a silver nitrate rinse on the inside of the packet to make it silver and I had to make the lime and black pepper ingredients out of glass too. I also made some glass chips, but they were not used in the end.”

The artist has taught glass making for 12 years and in 2012 set up The Glass Hub, in Wingfield, with her business partner Helga Watkins-Baker.

Mrs Yun was commissioned after appearing in the Kettle Crisps television advert last year, which again focused on craftsmanship.

She said: “I felt really privileged to be asked back and it is good Kettle Chips are really into supporting crafts people.

“I had to do a ceramic transfer for the writing on the packet, which I hadn’t done before. I tried to get help off lots of different people because of the difficulty of the piece.

“I worked from a real life pack of Kettle Chips and ate a lot of crisps. We were pushed for time but it was really fun doing it. I have just tried the new flavour and it is really nice.

“I am really passionate about glass making and hope more people will get into it. As soon as you see it, you become quite memorised by it.”