A group of travellers camping by a derelict building in Hungerdown Lane, Chippenham, have moved after being given notice by Wiltshire Council and police.

They arrived in cars and caravans on Saturday, April 12, at 7.45pm at the Middlefield Adult Training Centre, once a day centre for adults with learning disabilities.

The council carried out a welfare assessment before police issued a section 61 notice on April 14 at 2pm, giving them the power to remove trespassers.

They also warned families about asbestos at the centre as youngsters had pulled back steel security windows to get in the building.

Officers from the council’s environmental service and police returned that day at 3.10pm but the group had left.

Chippenham sergeant Phil Connor said: “Members of the travelling community were advised of another suitable location, however, we believe they chose to ignore that advice and have left the county for Somerset.”