NYTHE Allotment Society is appealing to local businesses to help fence land for new allotments after Swindon Council approved a three-year lease.

The council agreed that the new Nythe Allotment Society could use a 64m by 156m plot of land near the former Oakfield Bath University Campus and the Swindon Rugby Club at Greenbridge to create the allotments.

The land will provide more than 60 plots for members of the community to grow their own fruit and vegetables and enjoy a healthier lifestyle in the great outdoors.

But the group needs help to secure the land with fencing in order to proceed with the plans.

Geraldine Brant, a member of the Nythe Allotment Society, said: “It’s brilliant that we have the land but the council gave it to us on the condition that we don’t ask for more funding.

“But we need to put in water butts and a pagoda for people to sit under and to put up fences around the site.

“It really needs the fencing.– I’m a dog walker and, like many walkers, I use the field. But there is no point planting if then walkers and their dogs are going to walk all over it.

“Walkers also need to be taken into consideration so they don’t feel pushed out of the field.

“We are hoping there might be businesses who want to sponsor us or fencing companies who could fence the plots and maybe use it to advertise their work and try out different fences.”

The mother-of-two hopes that once the area has been fenced off work will begin to create a community space for residents in Nythe to enjoy.

She said: “There is enough land for about 62 plots altogether, but as part of that we want to make some plots suitable for people with disabilities or maybe some communal plots for the whole of the community to use.

“Most plots will be 9m by 9m but we also want to have some smaller plots of about 3m by 9m for people who are new to it and for elderly people who can’t manage a big area.”

Geraldine thinks allotments are a great way to develop a local community as well as to grow their own food.

She said: “You really can save money by using an allotment and producing healthy foods, particularly soft fruits which are so expensive in the shops.

“It’s also great for families to work together. I do think it brings the community together with people helping each other out.

“It’s also really social and creates a sense of community and a place where people can just meet up to have a chat.”

Businesses and companies interested in sponsoring the Nythe Allotments can contact the group on nytheallotments@outlook.com.