Devizes music promoter Kieran J Moore will have to get his skates on as he’s due to accept a Civic Award from the town council on Thursday, only minutes before running a gig.

Luckily for Kieran, the award is being presented at the Town Hall, just across St John Street from the street from The Lamb.

Kieran, 30, who celebrates ten years of putting on gigs in the town later this year, is being rewarded by the council for Services to the People, in honour of the work he has done encouraging local young bands and musicians, working with town centre pubs and venues to bring live music to Devizes.

“This came as a surprise and a shock. It’s not something I had ever considered,” he said.

“Many thanks to the people who nominated me, and to those who decided I deserved it.”

Kieran, whose middle initial was given to him in tribute to movie star Michael J Fox, moved to Devizes aged 11, and went to the then Devizes Comprehensive.

Married to Zoe, 31, he has children Dylan, 12 and Penelope, seven and lives at The Park, Erlestoke.

“Dylan was two when I started the shows. Who says kids hold you back? Though I am aware of the sacrifices I have made, and the support of my family,” he said.

He runs Sheer Music when he’s finished his daytime job with Royal Mail.

“Most people in Devizes will know me as the postman who likes to block out the world with my headphones, and sing noisily on their doorsteps," he said.

“I do this because I have a passion for it. Find your passion and you will achieve everything you want to.

“Honesty and integrity get you everywhere: I have built a reputation on delivering what I say I will.

“And word of mouth is everything. If someone has taken the time and effort to say something is good, then it probably is.

"It’s all too easy to complain about stuff, it’s rare to find people being genuinely positive about the goings on of a community.

"I don’t have enough time to do all the cool, nice and fun things, to worry about all the negative, miserable and boring side. Ed Dyer of Ocelot (magazine) once said ‘More smile than man’. That just about sums me up.”