THE 16-year-old who was stabbed in the groin during a gang fight near a children’s play park insisted to a jury his attacker had pulled a knife on him.

Although he said he lied to the doctor who saw him, his family, and the first policeman he spoke to, he insisted he saw what had caused the wounds to his privates.

The teenager was giving evidence on the second day of the trial at Swindon Crown Court of a 17-year-old who is accused of stabbing him in March last year.

It was put to the boy, now also aged 17, that his alleged assailant was lashing out in self defence with a piece of broken glass.

Marcus Davey, defending, said: “Your group began to beat him and someone smashed a bottle over him.

“He picked up a piece of broken bottle and lashed out and that is how you received the injuries.”

But the teenager, giving evidence by video link, said: “I have seen the knife with my bare, own eyes. It was not a bottle.”

The teenager suffered the injuries when his group of friends, from New College and a local football team, had gone to confront the North Young Guns, he said.

The court was told the violence had been arranged on Facebook following a series of online taunts from members of the North Young Guns, known as NYG.

He said after meeting outside Asda Wal-Mart at the Orbital Centre they had gone to the Blue Park, off White Eagles Road, Haydon End, where they knew NYG hung out.

When his group of between 10 and 15 saw the others, who numbered more than 20, he said they rushed at each other and a mass brawl took place.

It was during that fighting he said he saw the defendant pull the blade from his waistband and stab him after they traded punches.

Mr Davey, who said the numbers were the other way round, put to him that it was his client who had received a beating and lashed out with the broken glass as he got up.

He said his client shouted in the face of one of the stabbed lad’s friends once he was back on his feet, but the teenager said he was not aware of much after he suffered the injuries to his genitals.

“You must understand when I was stabbed I was crouched down in pain looking at the floor. I lost a lot of blood that night, I did not see a lot of things,” he said.

And when he got to the hospital he said he was in the waiting area with the boy he said had attacked him, who was there with his mother and brother.

After speaking to him to ask why he did it he said the brother threatened him and his friends and the mother said ‘This is going to be dealt with in its own way’, which he thought meant there would be further retributions.

Mr Davey put to him that in fact they had agreed that neither would go to the police, when they spoke at A and E, which he denied.

He said he told the doctor he had hurt himself playing football as he knew his family would disapprove of what he had been involved in.

The jury also heard from one of the alleged victim’s group who told how he saw the other lad pull the knife on his friend.

“He knows full well if he didn’t have that knife he would have lost that fight,” he told the court.

The defendant, from the Lawns area, denies charges of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and unlawful wounding. The case continues.